Coalition for Public Responsibility (CPR) is a political committee founded in 2013 by a diverse group of concerned citizens from the greater Houston area.  CPR’s primary mission is to provide a platform for activists in the Greater Houston area to advocate fiscally responsible public policies and to promote institutional integrity through voter education and supporting and developing responsible political leaders.

Why CPR?

Too often, elections are decided on personalities and less on critical issues .  The Greater Houston area suffers from a leadership vacuum for foundational ideas that lead to sound public policy.  CPR seeks to raise the bar of political narrative to focus on sound fiscal policy and institutional integrity.


  • Educate Voters , Activists, and Elected Leaders on Key Issues
  • Expose Failures in Political Leadership that Impair Sound Public Policy
  • Support Leaders Who Implement Fiscally Sound Policies


CPR’s leadership is comprised of an array of activists from the Greater Houston area who share common views on limited government that is fiscally sound and accountable to all citizens. We believe that true civic leadership requires supporting not only effective limited local government, but also demands a personal civic duty to work with the private sector to expand opportunity and extend equal justice to more vulnerable segments of our community.


America’s core strength is not handed down from the halls of government but the unalienable rights granted to all by their Creator and protected by the integrity of societal institutions. A healthy society thus requires sound institutions, including personal responsibility; family; religious, educational, and civic associations; and fair and predictable justice, finance, and private property rights; and a properly administered public sector.


Fiscal soundness is key to balancing the economic interests of the community with the necessary functions of government. Fiscal responsibility in the private sector is a force imposed by the market place, while public sector fiscal responsibility requires political will. CPR is focused on informing and developing that political will among voters, activists, and elected leaders.


  • Advocate Municipal Fiscal Reform in the City of Houston, including pension reform, budgetary prioritization, and restraints on taxes, fees, and regulations.
  • Advocate repeal of the recently enacted City of Houston ban on charitable feeding by smaller, independent community and faith-based organizations..
  • Support private sector outreach efforts that expand privately funded access to legal aide for disadvantaged children and families in our court system.


  • Advocate Municipal Fiscal Reform in the 2013 City of Houston General and Runoff Elections
    • Promote municipal fiscal reform as a campaign issue and support candidates who champion that stance.
  • Promote Municipal Fiscal Reform in local 2014 State Legislative Elections